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Meaning “tasty” in Farsi, Lazeez \la-zēz\ is our way of using the power of food as medicine to heal and the love of food to build community, as we share tastes inspired by the flavors and fragrances of our Persian upbringing and our travels throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Lazeez was created by two Canadian sisters living in New York – one with a passion for baking, the other, for eating, and both with a sweet tooth.


But trying to survive the city on a paleo diet isn’t easy, and satisfying a sweet tooth without putting junk in your body is harder than it should be. But when you’ve gone paleo and your favorite breakfast or afternoon snack is coffee and a pastry (thanks, Paris…), what’s a girl to do? Vegan products have gluten, gluten-free products have refined sugars, sugar-free products have…well, we’re not quite sure.

So we decided to create baked goods that are free of refined sugars, grains and dairy – but that still taste good! Life is hard enough, and we’re on a mission to remind you that it can still be sweet.

co-founder + head of product development
co-founder + head of business development

Céline {co-founder + head of product development} was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease as a teenager and struggled to manage her symptoms until she discovered the paleo diet. She gained control of her health, but the new dietary restrictions meant eating out was nearly impossible – especially when it came to anything sweet. Tired of always having to carry around an emergency snack bag of nuts in case she got hungry, Céline wanted to make healthy and nutritious treats (that didn’t taste healthy and nutritious) more accessible.

Désirée {co-founder + head of business development} had dreamed of entering the food industry since childhood, when she spent a lot of time in the kitchen (mostly dancing around…) But since she’d rather do the tasting, she’s graciously left the baking to her sister, whose paleo baked goods were a saving grace after her doctor recommended she follow a paleo diet. Although Désirée’s path took her on a detour and she became a lawyer, she felt her calling was to build community through food and finally decided to make a change.

a healthy life can still be sweet!

What is Paleo?

named for how people ate in the Paleolithic era, the paleo diet (aka the "caveman diet") focuses on consuming real, nutrient-dense foods and avoiding anything processed or refined. it's about eating clean, high-quality whole foods that provide the macronutrients your body needs to thrive.

what is paleo?

strictly speaking, cavemen probably weren't baking cookies over an open fire - but some things are just too good to give up! so we're going back to basics...

what you WON'T find in our products:

✗ refined sugars

✗ grains

✗ dairy

✗ legumes

✗ empty calories

what you WILL find:

✓ nutrients that will help you take control of your health and well-being

✓ baked goods that taste so good, you won't know the difference

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